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September 2nd, 2008 at 1:26 am



Crystal formed after a bad marriage and a few bad dates. She was so sick of the guessing games, single dance’s and lame pick up lines at the smelly clubs, and god for bid those horrible blind dates that your friends or family set you up on, to help you find MR. Perfect and the 50 question interviews, Where just not doing it for her..


Crystal being a single mom, and working 2 jobs, as well as trying to finish school. She had no time to meet anyone. At the clubs or single dances and she definitely could not trust her friends or family to find her MR. Perfect.


She knew that there was a fun, fast and comfortable way to meet people with some class and similar interests. She had gone to some speed dating events with a group of her girlfriends while living in TX. She made some amazing friends and business partners from those events. But unfortunately she had to move to a small town that had know idea what speed dating was (till now).


Crystal searched high and low to find some similar events in her town. And when she had no luck she decided to start Ice breakers101. The business has exploded faster than she had expected because her events are mostly held in rule areas with not much of a night life and a lot of single people. She also has a group of dating professionals that are trained to give you special dating ideas. Weather it’s your first date or second date or your anniversary or its time to plan a date for your spouses’ birthday. Crystal has formed a wonderful system and with in 24 hours your will have a hand full of dating ideas and events happing in your area. She holds events all over UT, ID, CO, WY and TX.


Over 85 percent of participants meet someone they want to meet again and 99 percent of all pre daters have reported to love this event.






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